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Core Principles

FOMO Fitness is dedicated to helping people reach their full potential through health & fitness coaching by operating under 4 core principles:


1. Client-Centered and Outcome-Based. The client already has everything they need to change. The coach's job is to guide believe in, and encourage along the way. 

2. The best program is the one you'll do. Enjoyable exercise and a realistic dietary approach are always priorities.

3. Efficiency and intention are what create real results. Everything is done with a purpose in mind.

4. "We do not rise to the level of our goals. We fall to the level of our systems." Big goals are awesome! Solid systems are necessary. Good habits are crucial for achieving most meaningful goals. 

My first experience of the fitness world came from my grandfathers basement when I was 12 yrs old, and then again through sports when I was in high school. When I first realized I could change my body ( I had always fluctuated from chubby to lanky depending on the season) through exercising and changing the way I ate, it first changed my confidence and later changed my perspective on what I have control over in life. 

When I really got hooked was college. I would sit in my dorm and read article after article on different approaches. At a certain point I decided that I thought I could help other people experience the same boost in overall sense of well being that I had so I decided to start studying for my personal training certification which is what I did through the rest of college and even a couple of years afterwards.  

After a short yet tenacious run in Financial Industry,

I decided to go back to what I new I was good at, and that was believing in people that may not quite believe in themselves yet and taking naps after lunch. 


Fortunately, the obsession for understanding nutrition and human movement never left and I continued (and will always continue!) to further my education in areas that I thought would help me become a better fitness coach and person.


This led me to go through lots of nerdy courses (see below) and study many different approaches. 

At one point, I even got in the "gross" condition that it takes to actually look like I lifted and won a bodybuilding competition (one of my proudest accomplishments!) But since, I have spent much more time learning what a balanced approach looks like when you have more responsibilities than that a single 24 year old guy.

All this to say is that if there is anybody that can relate to the life of a stay-at-home mother of 3 than it's certainly not me.


And by being aware of that, I can help you reach your dream weight by working with you to create a program that suits your needs, at this moment. I've actually had more success with 35+ female than any other group!) 

(Fun fact: I won a bodybuilding competition and a tator tot eating competition in the same week. Balance.) 

GVT (German Volume Training) and

STO (Sweatin' to the Oldies) stand out as some of the most influential.


If my approach doesn't seem like it may be the one for you, then that's cool! We can still be friends!


But if it sounds like we may be a good match than schedule a coaching interest call on my calendar below! I can tell you more about what working together may look like, answer any questions, or we can just feel each other out and see if it seems like a fit!

*If it's the latter, please come prepared with music and movie recommendations and be prepared to defend all sports affiliations.

NESTA PFTS Certification
John Mankin FMS Certification L2
CISSN Certification
Theragunpractioner course
OTA certificate
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Nasm CPT

NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist 
Precision Nutrition Level 2 Master Coach 
NASM Certified Personal Trainer 
OTA Certified Online Training Coach 


NESTA Certified Physique & Figure Training Specialist 
FMS Functional Movement Systems Certified 
Therabody Certified Percussive Massage Practitioner